Inspiration and Conception of When Birds Sing

I had just graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I was being coached that writing a book would enhance my health coaching practice.  So, I sat with that idea and it did not resonate with me.  I continued to go deeper with the book idea and asked myself “Who do I want to impact with my health coaching?” What demographic of women do I want to work with?  Where does my experience lie?  Bingo!  That last question hit a 100!  My experience was with trauma.  I had worked as a crisis support group facilitator at a domestic violence agency and subsequently started my own domestic violence support group to get women from crisis to self empowerment.  But the majority of my experience with trauma was from my over two-decade spiral into the abyss from my own trauma.  That was precisely the moment that When Birds Sing was conceived.  “I will write a memoir,”  I thought to myself.  Little did I know, at that time, just what a journey that would be.



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