“I once understood, as a child and early teen, what it meant to feel a part of someplace. As I stood taking in this perfection on a return visit many decades later, a burst of clarity hit me — I thought I had lost the sense of belonging during my tumultuous, trauma-filled journey through life, so I felt stunned when this feeling so quickly returned to me. A feeling of redemption began to flow through my veins just like the river running through the town. Nothing was lost. The loss had been an illusion. Even though my mind told me that my life was nothing but a compilation of broken pieces, I was opening to the fact that my true nature was intact. I was a part of a larger whole. I was home,”

In a candid yet inspiring memoir, Arielle Spring details her journey through abuse to the moment when a conscious awakening prompted her to discover a power greater than herself that led her to see her reality with new eyes and reclaim each precious, broken piece of herself. While disclosing how she began her ascent from trauma and shame to a liberating truth and freedom, Arielle reveals how she persevered through many difficulties, including homelessness, while relying on her faith in God to buoy her through her many harrowing experiences and ultimately return her to wholeness.