“What I love about this amazing journey is how relatable Arielle describes her experiences. From a little girl growing up through her teens and beyond, Arielle brings you on a desperate journey of mental, emotional and physical abuse taking her to the precipice of death. The practical application of PTSD to the story, her interaction with family and ultimate emergence from this despair strikes a perfect tone. Experience her constant re-setting of self, great awakening and reckoning with her Savior. Arielle’s story reminds us of the heartbreaking reality of how many girls and women are having similar experiences everyday - everywhere. A must-read for parents and anyone on the receiving end of abuse. Arielle’s story will deeply impact anyone who reads it. Life changing.”

- Carey Benedict
“Arielle Spring courageously shares her journey through life altering trauma that was left untreated for years. Arielle inspires readers, with her captivating and enlightening story of breaking through the darkness, to discover their own path to physical, spiritual, mental and emotional wellness and healthy self-empowerment.”

- LA Smith
“Most of the time we avoid talking about traumatic experiences in our lives. We do not tell our stories and compartmentalize our pain. This limits us as individuals and in our ability to connect with others. In this book we are invited into stories of trauma and pain. The author’s journey has not been an easy one, yet there is a thread of hope and faith that is remarkable and inspiring. Perhaps in reading this book you will be empowered to share your own story of trauma and see possibilities of hope and healing beyond heartbreak and pain. I recommend this book to all who have experienced trauma or know someone who has.”

- Maxwell Wagner 


“This is a special sharing that shows the dark side of humanity and the trauma it creates. It is a long journey that rises from pain, sorrow, and confusion—and ultimately to a new hope. One might use this offering as a metaphor for one’s own inner struggle with darkness. Perhaps some part of this story will give others hope for a new direction to emerge in their life. However you read it, you will experience the courage and evolution of the author as she creates her own happy ending. Not a Fairy Tale ending, but one of triumph and emancipation. And for the author the end is the beginning. A new day of never ending light.”

- Jay Stemson